New tool: The Typographic Scale - Reworked

Hi would love you to review this project, its a Typographic Scale calculator that offers more options than the existing tools! I hope you will enjoy it!


First of all, i like it good job. I find the popup for the news letter annoying. I want to discover your tool without the hastle

Thanks, @Soufyanbreda I will consider your suggestion.

I found one bug: the Diatonic scale appears to be the same as Monotonic, i.e. there’s only one font size. Also, the h1 sizes are totally HUGE at some of those smaller musical scales and should probably default to a narrower range of sizes if possible.

The idea is damn impressive though. I may have to bookmark this for my own design needs.

@chuckadams Effectively!! I should look for a solution to avoid these huge sizes. I appreciate your comments!