New Tribute Page about the Berlin Airlift!

Hi there, I thought I’d do another tribute page, this time with an attempt to advance my skills on CSS, especially CSS Grid and responsiveness.

This tribute page is about the Berlin Air Lift (1948/49). Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

See this pen:



Wow, es ist sehr sehr shoen! Und ist wirklich responsive. Eine kleine bemerkung:
fuer mich linke und rechte Seiten sehen ein bisschen unausgegliechen aus.

*couldn’t resist, pardon my broken Deutsch :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. The white space on the left side with the small plane icons is intented as a kind of counterbalance to the main content on the right side. That way, I wanted to create a tension between empty zones and content areas.

Dein “broken Deutsch” ist gar nicht so broken. :slight_smile:

Looking nice, fonts, pictures and airplanes, and i liked flipping cards - very cool!

Thanks for the feedback.

This is by far the best page that I have ever seen here.

I have no words for your project, the page was amazing and you code was very organized.

Awesome job! :partying_face:

Hi Julio, thank you for this very nice feedback. I appreciate it.

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