New Tribute Page Project

Hello everyone
I just finished my 3rd Tribute page project. I am still practicing. What do you think? Any advice?

Btw I have some question:

  • As you can see, overflows size are not automatical change when I change my browser resolution (It leans left side , I need in center)

  • Other question is about the different device’s resolution such as mobile/tablet etc. How can I automatically adjust the size with every device?

As a beginner I can suggest a few things:

  • set width for your container with CSS property width, not with margins, you can use %, vw, px for that.
  • you can use background-attachement: fixed for your body tag CSS, so your background image will be visible even after you scroll your page down

@ZVHimself Thanks mate :ok_hand:
I implemented your advices into the css. It looks like better now (and more useful)