New user, looking for advance algorithm & scripting

Hi everyone, I’m a new user trying to see if coding is something I’d enjoy.

I got an advice from a YouTube video saying that I should try to finish all the curriculums up until

advance algorithm & scripting

but I’m having trouble finding the specific chapter. I see basic/intermediate but not advance.
Did the name of the chapter change or is it no longer available? Did I spell anything wrong? lolll
Let me know!

Yep, the curriculum changed just few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway i’m pretty sure that the javascript algorithms and data structures certification will be enough to give you a more than solid base knowledge of the language ( using additional resources on the path obv)

Hope to see you here around again, happy coding! :smiley:

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omg you are so friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much for the reply!!!

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The section formally known as “Advanced Algorithm & Scripting” is now listed as “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects”. Since the creation of that YouTube video, a TON of more lessons have been added both before and after that section. I recommend doing the course in the order it’s laid out, but feel free to shop around.

Thank you! I’m trying to get into Hack Reactor. Do you think studying only up until Responsive Web Design Certification would be enough to get in?

I don’t have any experience with Hack Reactor. Sorry.