New -Worklist? WIkiProject Missing?


I was just wondering where the wiki project went? I was currently working the project and went to submit it, but can no longer find it? also so the project list changed for the front end dev. section, and wondered if I could still submit my front end project as I want to earn my cert? Thanks FCC.

Hi @joshuaaguilar20,

Hope you in a good mode, you can find the Wikipedia Project from here:

1- Go to your profile picture and click on it


2- With your mouse, select cursor and go down until you find Legacy Certification Setting

3- Finally put your link in Wikipedia Viewer project and click save.

You could still submit your front end projects (links of projects) and earn certificate by finish projects that you do not finish yet and complete it all then click on save button and you will get the certificate in the Legacy Front End Projects.

Hope my reply help you, have a nice day my bro.

Ali Mosaad

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ahhh. oh my I was almost done with the front end projects and now they have changed? and they added ES6 and I am really lost on were to start now? Now ES6 has been added and a few other things along with the algorithms? … does that mean I have to do the new ones? because I was all the way to the calculator? Just needed to submit my wiki. Super lost, like the new content.

Hi @joshuaaguilar20,

Sorry bro., i know it’s surprise but you still work, don’t back down, you can finish these projects, keep going up my brother :muscle:

Thanks man! 20chars…

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