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so it looks like NYCDA is a clone of freeCodeCamp.
is this allowed?
is this what it means to be open sourced?

any other details would be appreciated. thanks.

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Lol, what the fuck? I hope that NYCDA did not just blatantly rip freecodecamp. That would be such an asshole thing to do, stealing from a nonprofit.

If you scroll to the very end of the Readme (part of the github page for FCC), you’ll see that the software is licensed under 3-clause version of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license, and the curriculum under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-and-share-alike license. So, basically, they could straight up take the entire software interface and as long as they don’t keep the lessons the same, they aren’t stealing.

However, if they DO copy curricular content and put it behind a pay wall, they are violating the “share-alike” part of the CC-BY-SA license. It’s one of the “viral” licenses. Do you have a picture of the rest of their curriculum?

i don’t have picture. but here is the second link included in a request for help in the forums.

NYCDA - clone of freeCodeCamp

interesting how they still link to fCC when they are the one collecting cash for ‘teaching’ these students.

Ha if you click the “Sign in” link, the title of the tab says “Sign into freeCodeCamp | NYCDA Foundations”. Looks like they forgot to change something :wink:


In the source code they even let a link to read-search-ask and in the commonFramework.js the help function to create a new help topic … on this forum :sob:

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