New YouTube Channel

Hi everyone!

Today I started a new YouTube channel.

Now the reason behind starting this challenge is, as awesome as FCC is, it still has a lot of gaps in it’s curriculum. The gaps that are obvious and are simply not purgable by automated system. And also it is not a major objective of FCC anyway.

This channel is going to be focused more on productivity improvements and teaching well established standards in coding community.

I’ve been working as a full stack javscript developer for around 7 years now and I am very active in gitter chat rooms.

So based on the questions I regularly receive on chat, I decided to inaugurate my channel with a video that explains how to move your codepen project to your local machine.

There are many reasons why one would want to move their project from codepen to local. These reason are, included but not limited to

  1. Pushing project on github
  2. Publishing your webpages on
  3. Reusability
  4. Faster development and better tooling support that comes with IDEs.

and many more.

Here! Take a look

All kinds of critics/comments/compliments/suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:


First Congrats on your first video, it’s great that you’re doing it.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it all because it’s something I already know how to do.

I’d say that it’s a little bit too slow - maybe you could cut and edit your video? Once we understand you copying and pasting the links from Codepen, I’m not sure it’s interesting to see you copying all of them.

I think I would have preferred to have you say the benefits right from the beginning, with maybe some visual support (text and bullet points).

The sound is not super clear - I don’t know if it’s something you can fix easily.

I really don’t mean to sound fussy, but I know that given the quality of a lot of tutorials out there, these are points that can make someone stick to your videos or not.

If you’re making a video like that, it means it’s for people who are probably not comfortable or don’t know how to work locally - so I’d say a few words about that also from the start.


Hey, thank you for your honest feedback. All those points make sense.

And I was thinking of editing it before publishing but later found myself thinking just put it out there.
But good thing I did - your feedback reflects a lot of things I MUST improve on.

Thank you again for your feedback. All things are quickly fixable except for audio. Let me see how that can be improved.

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The advantage with that kind of video is that there isn’t too much worry about syncing everything. I know you can manage to clean up the sound a bit with something like Audacity, then put the sound and the image back together. It shouldn’t take long I think, unless you can simply get a better mike.

Like I said, it’s great that you do it and I’m looking forward to seeing more videos from you !


Thanks for the Audacity suggestion, I already have it installed but didn’t think about it until you mentioned. Thanks again.

Also, I was somehow inspired to do it yesterday only and good thing I did. For within some time, there is a thread asking the same question on this forum

Will definitely implement your suggestion very soon. Thank you again.

Yes, and next time it pops up you can link to your video :slight_smile: I think you’ll also have to do a quick one on how to use the dev tools in Chrome, a lot of people here don’t know about it or are not sure how much info they can get from it !


There already is an excellent video by Chris Morrow on this topic:


yaaaahh that’s one hour long. Now that I wouldn’t watch it but it’s also nice to be able to refer someone to a quick explanation :slight_smile: (otherwise I’m stuck with taking screenshots, editing it, etc. and by that time the Camper has gone!) I’ve saved the link for later though, thank you @janschreiber !

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Sweet! Sure! I’ll do that as next video. Thanks for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

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I really just want to let you know that your attitude and acceptance of the constructive feedback given you is AWESOME! The purpose for your channel is an awesome one, and now that you’ve so graciously accepted the positive feedback given your channel will become even more awesome! Looking forward to more of what you will be offering!


Good Job!! Few weeks back I was having the same problem and wished some thing like this existed back then. However I was fortunate that p1xt was kind enough to guide me.
Now this video will help others with same problems.

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That is a good idea for a channel. I just subscribed.

I also just started a YouTube channel (JS Nuggets) featuring a new JavaScript training video every weekday.

For audio, I bought this mic:
There was a $20 mail-in-rebate but I don’t think they still have that. I edit my videos in iMovie and there is a button to automatically adjust the sound so I always use that to get better levels. That being said, my audio still isn’t super professional.

One thing I do in iMovie is to speed up certain parts of the video so the video is shorter.


I just finished watching this. Thanks for posting.


@AgedLace : Thank you for your kind words, dear sir. :slight_smile:

@Tan-Moy : Thanks mate. Yes. A lot of such video are in pipeline. I’ll be uploading them once I’m done proper edits.

@beaucarnes : Sweet channel mate (subscribed). Just take a look. And you are a very good talker (for the lack of proper term). I’ll take a look at the mic you suggested. It does seem like a wise investment. Thank you for your suggestions. I use mac as well. So I’m currently playing around with iMovie.


Congrats for making first video . I am looking forward to see your more videos !!

I think you haven’t figured that there is “export” button in bottom rigth corner in codepen that will do your 5 minute job in matter of seconds.

Been super busy with work and stuff and didn’t find enough time to pursue this interest of mine… However, everythings settled down now and I’ve been recording a lot of videos over last week or two…
So new video is out now…Feedback will be appreciated.