New Zealand Tribute Page - How Ugly Is the Code?

This is my newly redone Tribute Page. I restarted Free Code Camp so I decided to redo what I did for last year’s.

I used FlexBox instead of Bootstrap because I don’t want to use a framework until I’m good at the foundations of CSS/HTML. I’m about to start working on making it responsive.

But my first question is, is my code as bad and ugly as I think it is?

I think your code looks fine. The only things that looks a little confusing to me are the way some of the the CSS classes are organized. But that’s just how my brain likes things to be organized :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding, @hellcatkate! Can you help me understand how you organize your classes differently?

Are you referring to the order in which they appear in the style sheet; because, that was definitely something I wondered about.

The main styling was a little confusing to me at first. I personally don’t usually group my styles like that, I would just do one at a time. But I suppose if you did one at a time it would take up a lot more space!

The rest of the way you organize is how I would naturally go about it, with elements first, then classes or IDs.

Thanks for feedback!