Newbie Guide / How to: Step-by-step guide in creating an algorithm to solve a problem

Just want to contribute back to this site by posting this. I don’t really know where to post this, so I selected General Topic. If mods need to move this to a more appropriate area, please do so.

I’ve seen a lot of posts by people very new to programming that seem to hit a roadblock when doing the exercises.
Knowing where to even start to solve a challenge/exercise can sometimes be difficult.

Anyway, this goes through a step-by-step process of how one can formulate an algorithm and the thinking that goes behind it.

I strongly suggest you become familiar with how the Browser Console works as this will help you immensely in trying out new Javascript commands and aid in the learning process.

NOTE: There’s a lot of small images I had to create to make this document, and the task of extracting each small image to post in this board here just made me think twice. So I just screen-shotted the whole document and pasted them here.

If there is interest in a PDF version, I will find a way to post and host a PDF somewhere.

So onwards and let’s begin.

EDIT: I see a problem now… the image isn’t displaying full size. Just click on each photo. :slight_smile: