Newbie: Is the freeCodeCamp curriculum the right path for what I want to do?


I’m a music composer looking to transition to most of my income coming from software development. I am currently working through the responsive web design course of fCC and enjoying it.

However, I really want to get work developing audio software and writing VST plugins with things like JUCE, etc. I’ve heard that has to be done in C++ due to things like audio latency, etc.

My question is, will the fCC curriculum cover what I need to know to have such a job, or do I need to start on a different set of tutorials?

Thank you!

Not really. the freeCodeCamp curriculum is based around web development principally, with a bit of machine learning stuff tacked on.

It doesn’t teach that niche. It doesn’t teach C++.

Thanks for your response! I appreciate it. :smiley:

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