Newbie on the Data Analysis certification

Hi everybody :smile: I’m currently on the Data Analysis certification, I plan to take the Machine Learning one after. I would appreciate if somebody shared their impressions about these courses, about the benefits they give etc. And maybe somebody wants to be my studying buddy? :smiley:

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For the Data Analysis course, work through the challenges first because they will help some.

Get familiar with the basics of pandas. Read some of the basic documentation and be familiar with selecting data, performing arithmetic operations on data, calculating basic statistics on the data, performing logical operations on the data, reindexing data, and regrouping data. Having never used pandas before, the most important thing I learned is that with pandas, you can operate on columns of data in a table with much the same syntax used for operation on scalar variables in regular python. Some understanding of statistics will be helpful for some of the projects.

Also, get familiar with the python plotting tools these projects use, matplotlib and seaborn. It will be immensely helpful if you understand a little about matplotlib’s figure and axes objects, and how seaborn uses them in its objects. For projects that require generation of graphics, the tests will require you return these objects correctly. The matplotlib documentation explains its object interface and the seaborn documentation will explain how to create different plots.

Finally, look at the example plots first on the projects that require plot production and think about what your data would have to look like if you were drawing the plot by hand. Once you have your data from pandas in the correct format, seaborn really wants to do the rest of the work for you. It is vitally important that you understand what format the data should have for your plot so that you understand how and why to use the regrouping functions in pandas (like groupby and melt, etc.).

Good luck.


Thank you so much for the reply! It’s really helpful :smile:

the most important benefit of completing this course is you will complete 4 very good projects to showcase in your portfolio , and getting a certificate from Freecodecamp is a very big thing , industry recognizes this certificate .
Good luck and cheers :+1:

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