Newbie question

I started learning about html, css and javascript about a few days ago. I study 5-6 hrs/day of coding, do you think I can land a job 5-months from now? like junior or JS developer?

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It is not the quantity of hours you spend coding. Everybody takes a different amount of time to understand how to code. It is more about how much you actually absorb/learn and how well you can apply the knowledge gained to real projects. It also depends on what education you have (or do not have) and other real world experience you can bring to a company which will determine whether or not you can get such a job.


thank you man! your words made me realise something! actually I’m switching career from tech support to a dev

Learn it first. Be confident. Then apply for the job. You will definitely get one.All the best :grinning:

hey @daGrayMan don’t just complete a challenge and move on to the next one, reset the code and do it again, because you won’t properly understand the code on the first try, this is from personal experience. If you complete the challenges without understanding them; when u get a job you will struggle very hard because you didn’t understand the concept. Also learn at your own pace doesn’t matter if u take 1 year or 1 month to finish, all what matters is quality not quantity.


I have been wondering this for a while and I’m glad this was your experience too! I thought I was too stupid to learn but I see that everyone struggles during this process.

If you’ve done the javascript exercises and did not understand them that well, would you suggest reading a book? making a few projects? and then coming back and trying again without help?

Everyone learns differently. I used to learn well by reading books. I’ve now learned that I learn best through videos, although I’ve also learned that most videos are not as sharp as the books I’ve read! I can’t win! I wish I learned best by reading books, perhaps I need to teach myself how to learn by reading better.

I’m curious what @LawGaming’s answer is going to be, but for me personally, I try to refactor everything I do at least once, and I’ve not done a good job at it. I have completely remade some projects though, so if you want to count that as a refactor, then ok I guess :slight_smile: - for instance I have remade my home page / portoflio site at least twice now, and made the FCC project Twitch Streamers twice as well.

I am currently learning React as best as possible, and will be remaking some personal projects as well. That’s what’s helped me learn what I know so far, but I do know that Udemy videos have been by far the most helpful for me along the way.

maybe watching some javascript tutorial videos would help me understand more about it or like you suggested “reading books” one way or another i wont proceed to another language until i can understand fully and be proficient using javascript

What matters is quality and quantity.
If your study and practice wisely and seriously for 5-6 hrs/day, and if you have a study plan, you’ll achieve a lot in 5 months.
So my answer to your question is yes.

It is possible. But is it realistic? The answer depends on your skills, your coding output (apps, websites. or projects), and the quality of time you spend on coding.

You can also read this for inspiration:

Nice words @RandellDawson. :ok_hand: on this interesting idea of learning by quality not quantity.

I know many people that got a job in 2 months after learning how to code.
But the reality? When they get the job they realise that they have a lot of things to still learn, so some of then just give up and some of them use this job to learn, practice and become better.

With 5 months I think you can get a job if you’re REALLY learning these subjects. Be curious, post questions and don’t leave a doubt without an answer before you move to the next subject. Make your own projects, not just here in FCC, they don’t need to be big on a complete web site. they just have to be a practice for what you’re learning. (like tribbute page)

@JimmayVV @jkriel87 I personally can’t learn coding and pretty much anything from books, the only way I can learn is online; and that also depends on the quality of the videos. because most videos online aren’t concise nor to the point, they will take 30 min to explain a concept that can be taught in 10 min, so I don’t really like watching videos on coding, but if you guys know a website or youtube channel that is very good than I am free to try different stuff. However I noticed that I learned the best from the step by step challenges of Freecodecamp

I found this site to be quite helpfull with this: Also try codecademy to learn Js and O’Reilly books are good resources. It’s a long run so be patient. :slight_smile:

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