Newbie template upload conundrum

Hey guys, happy coding, I’m actually a complete newbie and after a little dabbling in the world of HTML and CSS I decided to “play it safe” and instead of building something from scratch right away (next step for me), I will fiddle with a website template from, Beau Carnes uses in his youtube video titled “How To Put a Website Online” on At 53:08 in the video it shows that he uploaded all the files to GitHub (using it as a free webhost). I followed everything in the video to the letter and still unable to upload the folders like “assets” and “images”, it doesn’t let GitHub upload them, only individual files.

What is going wrong here? He uploaded entire folders and I am unable.

Thankee kindly in advance if anyone could help me with this. Weird thing is, my hubby is an IT tech and he can’t tell me why. :roll_eyes:

what happens when you try?

Hi, thanks. It only uploads the .txt and .html files, ignores the folders (assets, images), they don’t get uploaded. Tried it many times to no avail.

have you tried with drag&drop?

Drag & Drop worked, thank you so much! I can view the actual website too! :+1:

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