Newbie to Coding

Hi all. I am glad to be a part of the community here. I am pretty much a “newbie” to coding. I know some HTML, but am about to attend a boot camp in October-June where I will be learning JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Responsive Design, Bootstrap
React.js, MongoDB, PHP frameworks like Laravel, MySQL, Heroku, Security and Session Storage, and User Authentication. I know everyone has their opinions about boot camps, but that is not what I am here for. I am interested in meeting people who I can talk to about coding and even learn from. I am hoping to land a job during or after I finish boot camp. For those that have been doing this for a while. What are your favorite programs to have as a developer? Are their any tips and tricks that you wished you would have known as a beginner? What advice do you give to someone looking for a first time job in the developer industry? Thanks and look forward to chatting in the future.

Hello @lexinator1288, welcome to the freeCodeCamp forums!

The forums are a great place to get help/support/ideas and even help others with their problems, which can expose you to even more experience you wouldn’t get otherwise. :slight_smile:
Also freeCodeCamp has an official discord chat server gone over here: here
which is another place to get more “live” interactions than this forum, but both are fantastic resources to engage with this community :smiley:

Not totally sure about what you mean by “programs”, maybe your asking for what kind of tooling most developers use?
Today there is essentially 1 “main tool”, which is VSCode which is used as the primary code editor for a lot of different use-cases due to its ease of use, cutomizability, integration with other tools, and plugin eco-system.

There are tons, upon tons of other tools you may run into, especially for web development, but I wont go into those at this time, especially if your just starting out.

Fundamentals fundamentals fundamentals. Also you can learn from the internet just as much, if not more, than going to college/bootcamps/whatever, however you need to be able to find and create your own curriculum just as much as being able to absorb the material.

The other tip that is applicable for learning programming is grit is important. Learning programming is hard, but anyone can do it if they have enough grit, and time to get thru their roadblocks. You can spend a bunch of time working on hard problems and get no where on day 1 or day 1 million.

Look for jobs now, maybe even apply super soon, so you can see what people are looking for. You don’t want to learn technologies X Y and Z, and fine few jobs for it in your area. Don’t get too specialized to early, stay flexible and learn a lot of different things so you can pivot to what skills and knowledge you need to get the jobs you find.

Good luck, keep learning, and keep building!


Like I said, I am new…yes tools I guess would have been a better word. My apologies. Thanks for the advice.