Newbie trying to figure out the most learning efficient route to open source projects

Hello All who take the time to read,

Over the last few months, I’ve really started to take a heavier interest in coding and since I’ve de-cluttered life a bit for my time on beneficial things I’m trying to figure out the process of finding an open-source project to continue. I learn best when I can work in a group and bounce ideas off each other but when I go to places to find open source projects it’s like maybe one or two comments and basically a dead post.
Basically, i’m looking for tips for finding open source projects to work on, places that are consistent, and/or if anyone needs an extra set off hands on the front-end (trying to hone my Javascript skills) I’m willing to work with you and work as hard as I have to really take this from fleeting hobby to something I thrive at

Here is a pretty good list of beginner friendly Open Source projects:

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Appreciated it man I really do!