Newbies Discord?

Hello! You really are not alone! I’m 32 and I started learning to code a few months ago. I feel frustrated at times too but this year I’m more motivated to change careers and I also want to connect more with people who are in the same page as me! Could anyone send the link to the discord again please? I would like to join the group and participate here as well :slight_smile:

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Unofficial FCC discord. this link expires in 1 day since i reply

Thank you so much!!!

I’m an absolute beginner to coding but I’ve just joined the Discord channel too! :muscle:t5:

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@Sophi-E Thank you very much for the Discord …I just Joined

Yes I would be interested also what about coworking

I just joined as well, excited about another means of building a professional network and getting/giving coding helpz! Thanks, @Sophi-E!!


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you work frequently on it and use w3schools which has a platform as a editor to check your out put instantly.

What you could do is just start a part time job then having a youtube channel of you coding cool things like this:

Self sloving 1000x1000x1000 rubix cube by coding

Yes I would be interested also what about coworking

oh wow! this is nice. Thank you.

Hello Sir! I am not able to join in as I am late. Are there any other discords you’re active on?

Discord active? A very nice idea to get motivated. I will gladly join you :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have some problems, maybe I can help you (Vojta#9179)

Hi @Sophi-E! I would like to join the discord.

Hey guys, i´m also a newbie, well learning for about a month or so, still hard at it. Would love to join the unofficial FCC on discord but the link is not working. Anyway I can be invited in?

@elle301 just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this, similar I’m 26 too and am currently trying to re-skill (I’ve just started learning html, css and js too) and adapt to changing demands in the possible future economy. Stay strong!

Hello! Here’s a currently working link.
Join the FCC Discord