Newby in Visual Studio Code search for some features

Moving into Visual Studio Code 1.54 from PHPStorm in Laravel project and I reading
manuals I did not find answers to some quite common questions:

  1. If i have in php editor with string constant, like
    echo '<pre>$::'.print_r($,true).'</pre>';

and I need to paste on place on ‘ …$…’ some text with other string constant, like

echo '<pre>$viewParamsArray['selectedCountry']::'.print_r($,true).'</pre>';

paste text is not slashed as I prefered. If there is a way to make it?

  1. When in Blade php file I fill proprties of input control
    <input type="text" name="date" >

entering “value” I would like to autofill to ‘value=""’
3) If there is a way to show with error red color or in in some other way nonexisting referencing in file
use… block?