Newcommer warning

Hi campers,

My name is Rodrigo, pleased to meet you all.

I am a Communications major who besides being in love with art and humanities has always had an interest in applied sciences. Unfortunately I always struggled with math so that pretty much frustrated my efforts on studying anything of the sort. It was through reading philosophy that I got a fair grasp on critical and logical thinking, which I’ve found very useful for programming. My first approach to Computer Science was through Harvard’s CS50 EdX online course, unfortunately I never finished it as the Vigenere Cipher Problem Set got the best of me and I also had to take a full time job. I then took a course in HTML & CSS through codecademy, until I learned about this site´s existence. I truly hope that I am able to leave an impact in this world, either through art or through programming, it is the least I can do for a world that has given me so much.

Hi there, I am a newbie too and terrible at maths unfortunately! I am brushing up on khan academy alongside doing FCC.

Good luck :slight_smile:

The best of luck to you as well, I know how frustrating it is having to deal with applied science when you suck at math. Push on.

much odd thing for me but as i love web technology specially web development and very specially front end development i’m trying to do good from here.

oh and congratulations to you :slight_smile:

I come from a similar background and just started doing freecodecamp as well. I started with codecademy’s python course then found out about FCC. The exercises are so interesting and keep you motivated!