Next.js 13 ? Worth learning?

For a newbie to JS (like me), how to understand and adapt for new developments like Next.js 13. One reason not is that it’s adoption and migration will take lots of time!

Learned about Next.js from here.


as someone who is caught in the middle of the breaking update since all of my portfolio projects so far are based on NEXT: We have to wait and see.

There are some great new features like automatic self-hosting of Google fonts. On the other hands the changes are deep: A new file structure and default rendering on the server. That already resulted in some React Hooks not working without improvising, as I watched in YT video yesterday .

I’m considering changing to Gatsby for the rest of my portfolio projects until NEXT 13 has been tested out more (that’s the big benefit of using headless CMS). It’s all in all a great framework worth learning, you don’t have to route everything by yourself anymore for example.

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Did you mean this video? :
NextJS 13 KILLS THEO LIVE - NextConf and more (STREAM VOD)

Yes that’s the one.

Some people don’t like him, but he is an expert for NEXT and see him struggle with 13 made me think.

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