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Hey! I am trying to do the third exerise from python curriculum and so far I do not really now what is wrong. I have read several similar topics, but they did not help me so much.
I looked into the Fail Test report and here it is:

However, I do not really know where is the different between mine and test example.

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Challenge: Budget App

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In this part, the error is explained
Itoshi no Sakura-san
‘Perc[77 chars]| \n 60| o \n 50| o \n [273 chars] t\n’ → expected
'Perc[77 chars]| o \n 60| o \n 50| o \n [297 chars] t ’ ->your output
You have problems with your spacing, all the brake lines and spaces have to be exactly the same.

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Looks like in your chart you got a “o” in the 70% row where there shouldn’t be one.
Without looking at the code: You propably used to “round” values, but the task told you to only use full 10%steps - meaning 69% has to be shown as only 60% in the chart AND NOT as 70% you would get if you rounded it.

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I was confused by this Itoshi part, still thanks for nice manga recommendation! :smiley: and for you comment!

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