Next steps post FCC course/s?

@QuincyLarson IMHO this post should be pinned to the top for all the newcomers; as I wish them not to do same mistakes as I did and waste time.

Last year; I learnt HTML and CSS, then JS, then React then started applying for internship but without any success and end up wasting precious 1 year of my life.

Later I realised that I can’t even build simple HTML and CSS projects myself.

Then I started building projects from Frontend Mentor | Challenges and which gave me tremendous confidence with that I started getting small freelancing projects.

This problem is nicely explained by Kevin Powel in his short video

STOP watching swimming videos, just jump in water and learn to survive.

Thanks for sharing this.

I’m glad you’ve been able to build some projects and build up your confidence and your skills.

I am a big fan of Kevin Powell and have had the pleasure of talking to him a few times. He is the true King of CSS :slight_smile:

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you are absolutely right ! I’m also a big fan of Kevin Powell his teaching skill of CSS is Awesome :smiling_face:

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