Night life coordination app (google map clone)

Here is mine:


code source

For this project, i use meteor with reactjs and materializecss and google api to show the maps.

Glad to here your feedback.


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Hi. I had a look at your site. Looks very nice.
A couple of questions. How do you see who is going to the same place as you?
The searching seems to happen on the Place rather than the topic. I would have a button so you can change either option.
The map is :sparkles: :star: :star: :star: :star_struck: :+1:

Thank you ,
To see who is people going in the same place, i stock the peoples id in the array of the place. The database is moongodb. You can look at the github code for more detail about implementation.

For the searching, i think it is ok to search the topic first and then the place. But iā€™m agree that i can change the option to search option. Or i think it could be better to make search when any of them is changing.

But how do I see who is going in your app?

In my project, i implement only how many person is going to the same place but not who is going to this place.

To see the detail of person is going to the place, you need to query the User database by user id which is stocked in array.

I think you are missing the point. The point of the app is to see who of your friends is going where. Then you can go together.

Here is mine:


I will add it this functionnality.


I will add it in the future.

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