Nightlife Coordination App

This is the live app
This is the source code
I’d like to hear your precious comments and suggestions, especially about bugs!

I think there’s a typo in your link. .io instead of .com

The background image makes it little bit difficult to see the content.

Thank you! I corrected the link and I removed the background image. Now it’s better!

You might want to make it so that the search is executed when the user presses Enter on their keyboard.

Thank you for you suggestion! I’ve updated the app so now the search is executing also when the user presses enter

I’m guessing the Italian language setting is intentional (looking at source). It asked me if I’d like to translate, but it was already in English, so I wasn’t sure.

Btw, your Voting app appears to have gone to sleep…

You may want to start using heroku instead of c9 for hosting. Heroku remains available, whereas c9 is really just intended for development unless you pay extra for persistent hosting.

The new url of the app is this

I finally finished mine, so I had a proper look at yours.

I think you forgot to implement the user story where you are redirected to your previous search page after logging in - or, if you didn’t forget, that part didn’t work for me.

Good job, otherwise - this was a tough one, eh?

What browser do you use?

Chrome on Linux. I’ll try on my phone in a sec…