NightLife Coordinator Your feedback is appreciated

Hi, campers! I finished my nightlife coordinator app. Please have a look and write a feedback. Also please have a look at the code, especially tests (I surprised how it’s challenging to write unit tests. I took me more time to test than actual project implementation)

Great thanks in advance!!!

Hi kurumakan,

Really nice, love the map integration and the pinpointing. Design works very well.

I am currently working on this project so I won’t look at the code :smile:, I’ll keep my feedback to the app.

1. The resolution of the image on the home page is really bad.
You clearly put a lot of effort into this, to have that be the first thing someone sees when they look at your app is not a good idea.

2. Yelp image resolution.
I struggled with this also, but playing around with the API and looking at their website I found they had (at least?) 3 different resolutions for every image.

  • /ms.jpg (Full sized, whatever the business uploaded)
  • /o.jpg (Thumbnail 100x100) *This is what you used
  • /ls.jpg (Squared 250x250) *This is probably what you want to use

3. The information for businesses (your div with class caption) can and will extend beyond the bottom of the card in grid view.

4. You should use yelp branded stars for the ratings and have the yelp logo somewhere.
Have a look at the yelp display requirements

(edit) - Just realized this is a super late reply haha