This project was inspired by Mehul Mohan’s FreeCodeCamp article ‘10 Popular Web Development Tools that Every Programmer Should Know’ . Because I had heard of many of these tools but hadn’t used all of them, let alone together on a single project, I was curious how, and most importantly why, I would configure all of these tools to work in harmony. It took quite a bit of effort and many hours of sifting through the various documentation pages, but here it is.

Current tools configured (in the most efficient order of installation) are: Git, Node, Express, Cypress (E2E testing), Webpack, Babel, Typescript, Sentry, and Docker.

Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, if you would like more clarification on the reasoning behind using a particular tool, or help understanding what a portion of code means/does, I’m always happy to connect with others.


-Richard Carrigan