No action from freecodecamp after I adding article to publication

Hi, I added an article to the publication (I’m already a writer), it’s been almost two weeks, but no action has been taken on it yet. Can I get any update on that?

@shrutitanwar I’m sorry, if you can give me more information then I will try to help.

Can you please tell me your author name, the title of the article and the date you sent it in?
Did you email the article link to
Did you not receive a letter from them once you submitted?

Please let me know so that I can follow up.

My author name: Shruti Tanwar
Title of article: Getting straight with Cross Validations
The date I added it to publication: 2 Dec 2018

I did not email the article. I already have published articles before in freeCodeCamp, so I have a “writer” status in the publication. I just added the article to it by “Add to publication” option.

If you want me to also email the article, please let me know.

I see that it is in the Queue waiting for editing.
I apologize for the delay. I will edit it over the weekend, and our senior editor will review my work and hopefully publish early next week.

As to whether you should email, I think it may be a good idea to just let the team know its on the way so they can watch for it.

Sure. I would follow that from now onwards. Thanks a lot @KoniKodes.