No CSS Framework -- My Portfolio

Hello all

I previously had a portfolio page but I decided to scrape it since I didnt like the look.

Anyway here is the link:

I decided to refrain from using Bootstrap or any CSS framework because I really wanted to get my hands dirty.

I learned a lot, especially how to make it responsive on mobile and desktop viewports.

Anyway, feel free to criticize it. I’m not artist myself, but I am happy the way it turned out


very nice … really crisp and clear looking. Hopefully some day i can create some thing as good. Only negative i have is i don’t like the header with the … Home Skills Portfolio About . Actually didn’t notice it when i opened the page as i was drawn to the first section and the arrow … and header was small and didn’t stand out like the rest of the page. But very nice page and i would be extremely happy if i could create something like it.

Very nice and simple! I liked the smooth scroll but when you scroll from very top to very last section, the smoothness takes over time. Maybe you can increase its speed a bit. :slight_smile:

Great work buddy! Kudos!

Thanks for the critics!
What do you suggest about the header? I’m not artist myself

Hi, i really like your layout and color choice. Really good.

I would remove the borders around everything for a cleaner look, and revisit the font or font style choice because it reads a bit harsh to my eye.

Its a good one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the criticism Mark!

I love it…!!!
Well done