No degree also no previous work experience How do I make a resume for a job?

How do I make a resume for a job in a tech company I don’t have a degree or no previous work experience in the tech company

I want to clarify few things I’m a self-thought programmer I’ve been learning programming for the last 3 years and before I started to build projects I was learning javascript with the problem-solving on the online judge. last year I started to build a few amazing projects with web apps following modern technology such as

  • microblogging site build with front end also back end with modern
    tech likes nodejs, express, MongoDB
  • .ecommers site build back end with Django, PostgreSQL so on
  • .food delivery service site build with mern-stack
  • .discord bot build with typescript, nodejs, express

All those my side project. I’m really familiar with javascript nodejs also I know a little bit about python java typescript.

but I have another question I had been working as a Photographer for 7+ years and nowadays I’m currently working as a journalist also graphics designer a news portal office All those my previous worked experience, outside of the company tech.

I know that I can put on my resume the tech project I had made.

nowadays I’m taking to prepare myself to apply for the remote job at the tech company. but I’m a little bit confused about how to make my resume either have no tech industry experience or I’ve not any degree and can I put it on my resume likes my previous work photography or journalist it doesn’t relate to tech sign.

it’s was all about my questions if anyone can suggest to what I do now also which site to I can apply for a remote job

Thank you for reading

Hi @RobiulMan. Show your strong points.
In your case you have to emphasize the projects that you have make, make a section in your cv, showing your portfolio.

These are NOT an easy thing. Congratulations, you have material to present.

The second part is the context of the CV. The content of your projects and the languages and skills you describe must be related to the Job position you want to apply. You already must know what specific position of the company you want (some companies have different names and practices for them, so do your research)

Regarding ‘unrelated’ previous Job experience, there are different opinions, but personally I think every experience is useful in some way, you could highlight the transferable skills that you acquired. For example,
1.communication skills are needed in the majority of jobs.
2.If you worked as a graphic designer, you can relate that with

Apparently there are no relation, but both areas have a marketing and customer oriented approach. So you have 7 years of customer oriented experience.
Hope this helps.


thank you so much for giving me the grateful answer

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