No Help or Video tutorial for Javascript section

Why was there a Hint AND a Video Tutorial section for the previous sections but as soon as we hit the JavaScript section, only some of the pages have a Hint section and none of them have a video tutorial? How are we supposed to learn this when there is zero guidance? Even worse you keep asking us to donate to your Patreon every 5 minutes. Why should I donate if you can’t even be bothered to include help? What a joke

You can always use “Ask for Help” button if you are stuck

All videos and guides are written by volunteers, the curriculum is massive, it seems that some are just still missing

that is not practical, considering I’d have to probably ask for help on at least 50% of the exercises.

Why FCC didn’t bother to include video tutorials for JavaScript simply strikes me as laziness.

Well, all the videos are made by other users - so if no one did a video… you can check the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel to check if you want to be sure

FreeCodeCamp is completely user powered, if there is not something yet it means that a user just has not done that yet

There is nothing wrong asking on 50% of the questions or browsing the forum for other threads on the same thing

The hundreds of separate challenges in the curriculum are written and maintained by volunteers who have lives and jobs outside of this, but yes, not including video tutorials is definitely laziness, better crack the whip a bit harder!

In all seriousness, this is an issue, but there isn’t a staff to do this, a team of paid writers and developers and filmmakers who can just fix everything all at once