No Holds Barred feedback on Portfolio and Resume

Hey FCC, I received my FCC Front End Certificate and was hoping a few members could give a straight forward, honest feedback on my resume, personal site and online portfolio which can be found here: Also I’m currently learning React.js via Udemy and I have plans of continuing FCC for Back-End Certification, but I was wondering how much of my learning is profitable in the real world and what could I do to make it so if not.

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When I click on your resume link, I get garbage characters.

You should not be loading all of the Codepens on your page as it takes longer. Use thumbnails on the projects and host each project on a page of your website or a subdomain of your website.

Also, since you linked to your LinkedIn profile, you have the following bullet under your current Freelance Frontend Developer;
• Designs, develops and launches responsive websites of clients.

You should be highlighting these clients’ websites on your website portfolio. If you do not have client sites, then you should take that off, because prospective employers are going to wonder why you talk about client sites but do not show them on your portfolio.

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I like the general layout and colors. The photo is good too. In addition to what Randell wrote:

  • The text colors are a little hard to read. You can use a website like this to make sure it’s accessible
  • The webpage isn’t responsive. Check how it looks on screen sizes like at 500px
  • If you are going to link to your github account, you should post all your projects there as well
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One good way to check things out is using validators and such eg … this shows 34 errors for your page … so would be a good place to start and fix things eg in your header section you use the id intro for a h1 a h3 and a h5 … id are unique and can only be used once

another one to check your site against is … you can then try and improve your site to get a high score in this

while i like the look of your site im not gone on the light color for the text … well looks very light on my screen and hard to read
I dont like the codpens inserted … as suggested use thumbnails and and host each project.

You will get various different thoughts on you web page style so whether one likes the look of your site or not is not of the most benefit to you … what will matter most is performance and no errors … so working on the problems from the validators i feel is the most important.

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Great content but I cant see your , resume page and there is no UP button at the bottom of your site.
_ Keep up the great work

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Thanks! Working on fixing errors now!

Thanks for the review and the site!

Thanks for the review and the sites suggested!

Thanks for pointing that out! I see I still have very much to learn