No label placeable after dropdown

hello everyone!

in the first project (the survey form) i was experiencing this weird bug, when I tried to get a label for the radio buttons below the dropdown, only the lower label/radio would get pushed down by the margin set, as well as there was no label showing up after the dropdown, just the radio buttons.

also, adding the dropdown in a seperated fieldset didn’t work either, the fieldset borders wouldn’t even show up.

is this a bug or am i overlooking something there? here’s the code snippet for HTML

      <label class="moredata">Male or Female? <select id="dropdown">
          <option value="male">Male</option>
          <option value="female">Female</option  

<!-- inserting a top label or a fieldset closing tag didn't work at this part>

        <label class="height"><input type="radio" name="height" value="1"> 6ft+</label>
        <label class="height"><input type="radio" name="height" value="2"> 6ft-</label>

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