No longe have access to gmail, need email changed

I no longer have access to the gmail account I signed up with. It was a company email and since I left the company I no longer have access to it. Is there any way to recover the progress I made?

Welcome, hugh.

Provided you have some way to prove the account is infact yours, you can email with the proof, and any additional information (new email address). They can change your account associated email.

Otherwise, if you do have a way to log back in to , you should be able to change the email address there. Specifically, if you can log in with a social authentication method (e.g. GitHub), and the email is the same as the one you signed up with, then you will be able to access your account to change to a new email address.

Hope this helps

thanks @Sky020 i emailed that support email. I did have a github account linked but i’m still not seeing the progress. hopefully they can help me sort it out.

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