No Progress can se seen

Hey Codecamp, im using this site for a while now and i am learning html csss, the problem is that i dont see any progress, what ever i do it say Hey Muhammad Danish Altaf you have completed 10 out of 1408 tasks. why is it not progressing? Help

Are you always logged in when you work? No progress is saved otherwise.

yes i am i sign in and then go to coding curriculum. that’s where is doesn’t show me logged in and the progress is not being showed, even though i am performing tasks. Every time i open FCC is shows the old progress

i can’t think of anything to suggest. I’ve never heard anyone say they have this issue.

When you are logged into FCC, the picture at the top right corner should change to show your profile image. And then anything you do when logged in gets saved (pretty much). At least that is my experience.
Only way I could think of where this doesn’t work is if you are somehow switching browsers without being aware of it.
Maybe someone else can help further.

See the following thread to see if this answers any of your questions.