No Publish Button on Ghost Editor: Blog Articles for freeCodeCamp


I typed up my first article for FCC. However, the ghost editor does not have a visible “Publish” button. Does anyone know if the back end needs work or am I not supposed to submit that way? This is the first one, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @georgeoffley !

There is no publish button because articles need to be reviewed by the editorial team.
You need to submit your ghost link for the article draft to this email address

They will then review it and get back to you.
If everything looks good, then it will be published.
If changes need to be made, then they will let you know.

Also, keep in mind that this is the christmas break so there might be a delayed response to your email until after the new year.

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Ah see I didn’t know that lol. Thanks a ton for letting me know!

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