"no repeats please" is evil, pure condensed evil

I did it, I completed it. But seriously FreeCodeCamp contributors, was that really necessary? It was torture for me. Absolute concentrated torture.

But i did get it. So that’s pretty cool. :wink:

“no repeats please” left me afraid to look at the next challenge, but here I go, off to look at it. Peeking around the corner at it like a scared child looks down a dark hallway…

Not much is going to seem impossible for you to do now, huh?

At least you were able to implement Heap’s algorithm. From my research when I was doing that challenge, it’s more efficient than plain changes. However, I couldn’t wrap my head around how Heap’s works. :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on finishing the challenge!!!

@PortableStick - Lets hope I am now undefeatable!

@ZackWard - I hear you when you say Heap’s algorithm was tough, and recursion only made it worse…

Thanks for the motivation guys. I feel so close to front end cert i can taste is.