No response for writer application

Hi there! :smile: I submitted the freeCodeCamp Contributor Application back in Feb 27th and I have not heard a response since then. When will I receive an update?

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Hi @christinebelzie !

I know that the editorial team reviews applications each week. So it is possible that they haven’t reached yours yet. I would suggest waiting a few more weeks, because the team does get a lot of applications.

Hope that helps!

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Hey @jwilkins.oboe! :slight_smile: I just wanted to give you an update

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That’s awesome news!



The question now is. When can I start and does the editorial team do Zoom meetings when reviewing drafts?

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Meetings would only be for staff members.
As a volunteer contributor, you would just email your draft and then someone from the team would write back with notes or just publish it if no changes need to be made.
You can write as little or much as you want.
There are no deadlines or set articles or topics you need to write.
You can write on what you like in programming.

It looks like they setup a contributor account for you.
When you finish a draft, add that draft in your account and email the link to the editorial team.

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