No sound on iPad/iPhone (A2 English for Developers)

As an English teacher in a Japanese tech school, I was super excited to see the new course (A2 English for Developers)! While everything works great on my computer, I’ve realized I can’t get sound to play on iPad/iPhone. The students use iPads for a majority of coursework and at home.
Anyone else have this issue?

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Sorry for the troubles @Stasha77, thanks for letting us know. A few people have tested it with mixed results. We created an issue about it: Audio in English curriculum doesn't play on some iOS devices · Issue #53165 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

Seems like it might be a device settings issue since some similar devices play it and some don’t.

Feel free to share the device and browser info where have seen the issue if you want.

Ah I have the version that was experiencing issues on my phone and will try updating. I’ll check the kid’s iPads later.