Node console show nothing

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Node console show nothing but * * * in several lines

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I’ve just created a myApp.js with this code:

console.log("Hello World");

and i’m assuming that this code is called by:

<script src="/myApp.js" defer></script>        

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What do you mean with node console? This js will run in a browser if you open the html. You can see the console log inside the debuger.

i just click on button “Tools” and after that “Logs”, so i can see a frame called “Logs” at bottom page.
I expected to see there every line executed by command consolo.log(), but i didn’t. I only can see something like the following every time I refresh the js run in a browser:

It 's difficult to explain because it’s so simply. I mean i don’t understand how it is not working a simple thing like that, it must be so elementary but i’m not be able and it’s a bit frustrating.


I think you see a terminal or your editor log. Right click on browser will open dev-tool then console tab is there.

You shouldn’t need to create a new app.js.
If you follow the Glitch link (below) you use the one that is already there.
The challenges are all numbered in the file.