Node debugger workflow

So after a year or so of working in Ruby and using byebug, I have to say that using the node debugger has gotten painful. So much so that I’m sure there has to be a better way to do it. This is my current debugging workflow. I put debugger in my code where I want a breakpoint, save it then from the command line call node debug <program_file>.js then repl to view the current values. Now here is where I get frustrated: to continue the program or go into the next step I have to CTRL-C to exit repl type next or cont then repl again to view any values or state changes. There has to be a better way right? If I’m either just missing something or you know of a better serverside javascript debugger that can be run from the cmd line please educate me.

You might want to look at some tools that make working with the debugger easier?
Check what plugins / add-ins or packages your favorite editor has for debugging.

Webstorm’s debugger is excellent, I hear. I haven’t used it myself yet and Webstorm isn’t free, of course.
But if you use Atom or Sublime Text, there are packages to support you as well.

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the debugger that comes with the cloud 9 IDE ended up helping me solve the problem but I’d really like something I can use from the command line.

Try this -

Node Inspector (

From the website:

Node Inspector is a debugger interface for Node.js applications

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