Node.js CLI course


Saw a lot of buzz on Twitter about a Node.js CLI course.
I have yet to start with the node.js section on freeCodeCamp, but I will probably finish that section before the start of this course on October 5th. However, the 40% pre-sale price reduction ends tomorrow.

What do you think? Would this be a valuable follow-up to the “Basic Node and Express” section in the “APIs and Microservices Certification”?

Hey there,

I am very careful when I see recommendations, especially on Twitter.

I think the Twitter web dev community is a bunch of reciprocity, people hyping other peoples’ stuff, what goes around comes around and so on. And you don’t want to burn the opportunity to be friends with a person who makes $70.000 (> 699 x $99) with an online course presale.

Moreover there is also the psychological effect of justifying purchases to one self by hyping it, e.g. Suuuuper stoked for this. I just picked up my copy of NodeCLI course! I can't wait to take my CLI skills to the next level..

I have no opinion about this course, I’m a critical thinker. In the meantime, there are great free resources about Node on GitHub.

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You’re right about the hype. Thought about leaving Twitter (again) before the Summer, but the positivity (relatively) of the developer community made me change my mind.
That said, I noticed the similarities between the blogging community of 2011 and the developer community now. Lots of people wanting to learn it, product placement, affiliate links, referrals, courses, the six figure income hype, you’ve gotta have a Mac, showing off with your setup with 2-3-4-5 monitors, professional microphone, green screen, … History repeating itself. What’s the point of learning to blog, only to start a blog about blogging like everybody else?

Are there better dev communities out there than on Twitter?
I am not going back to Facebook. Thanks for the link.

I think it depends on your goals.

I like Stack Overflow and the Arch Linux Forum.
Probably not the best communities if you are a sensitive person and can’t deal with people who are not that “pampering”. However, I think you have to learn how to tackle with these kind of people too.

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