Node question about npm and libraries

Hey, so installed Node on my computer and have been having fun with it. My question is, does that basic normal install include libraries such as chalk and progress (that the Node tutorial mentions). Because when I try to npm install chalk, or the other ones, it gives me a heap of nope messages. I’m not sure if i need to manually bring these things in and do other steps, or if it’s supposed to just install with the basic command in the cmd.


You should install libraries that are meant to be used outside a project globally:

npm i -g chalk progress any_other_package

Then you should be able to access it (as long as they’re in your PATH).

Yeah, agreeing with what skaparate says…

Yeah, node is just the environment and npm is the package manager. Any packages you want to use will need to be installed (which is easy to do). Some packages you will install globally to be used everywhere and some you will install just in certain projects.


I was able to install chalk using that command. Nice, thanks!

I have been waiting a while to play with Node, so I am having fun.

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