NodeJS or PHP for backend? Why?

Which is better for backend development: NodeJS or PHP? Or is there a better solution?

I can use both. However, when it comes to PHP, I have not been able to use any PHP frameworks. Versus with NodeJS, I can easily use Express

Well, I started out with Php in the very beginning…
Bottom line is you can send any data to backend, and backend do something with the data and send back a
status code, and if u want to use node or PHP is ok either one :cowboy_hat_face:

It takes a very long time for technologies to fully leave a language behind, but they are transitioning away from PHP and toward NodeJS.

Choose the language you enjoy most working with. Node is used at netflix, php is used at facebook, both languages are capable of a lot.

If you like php, I recommend learning Laravel. Personally I don’t like raw php, but I reaaally love Laravel it’s a beautiful framework. Both express and Laravel are awesome.

Listen to your heart.

I think it depends on your goal. Otherwise, you could look up pros and cons of both and choose whichever is best for your project.

Learn nodejs is a good stack