Nodeman app crashed ,not able to connect to database


const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const bodyparser = require('body-parser');
const exhbs = require('express-handlebars');
const dbo = require('./db');
const ObjectID = dbo.ObjectID;

app.set('view engine','hbs');

app.get('/',async (req,res)=>{
    let database = await dbo.getDatabase();
    const collection = database.collection('books');
    const cursor = collection.find({})
    let books = await cursor.toArray();

    let message = '';
    let edit_id, edit_book;

        edit_id = req.query.edit_id;
        edit_book = await collection.findOne({_id:ObjectID(edit_id)})

    if (req.query.delete_id) {
        await collection.deleteOne({_id:ObjectID(req.query.delete_id)})
        return res.redirect('/?status=3');
    switch (req.query.status) {
        case '1':
            message = 'Inserted Succesfully!';

        case '2':
            message = 'Updated Succesfully!';

        case '3':
            message = 'Deleted Succesfully!';

})'/store_book',async (req,res)=>{
    let database = await dbo.getDatabase();
    const collection = database.collection('books');
    let book = { title: req.body.title, author:  };
    await collection.insertOne(book);
    return res.redirect('/?status=1');
})'/update_book/:edit_id',async (req,res)=>{
    let database = await dbo.getDatabase();
    const collection = database.collection('books');
    let book = { title: req.body.title, author:  };
    let edit_id = req.params.edit_id;

    await collection.updateOne({_id:ObjectID(edit_id)},{$set:book});
    return res.redirect('/?status=2');

app.listen(8000,()=>{console.log('Listening to 8000 port');})


Mongodb CRUD Example
<h1>Mongodb CRUD Example</h1>
{{#if edit_id}}
<form method="post" action="/update_book/{{edit_id}}">
    <label for="">Title</label>
    <input type="text" name="title" value="{{edit_book.title}}">
    <label for="">Author</label>
    <input type="text" name="author" value="{{}}">
    <input type="submit" >

<form method="post" action="/store_book">
    <label for="">Title</label>
    <input type="text" name="title">
    <label for="">Author</label>
    <input type="text" name="author">
    <input type="submit" >


    {{#each books}}
    <li> {{this.title}} - {{}}  <a href="/?edit_id={{this._id}}">Edit</a>  <a href="/?delete_id={{this._id}}" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure want to delete?')" >Delete</a></li>

This file doesn’t exist but you’re trying to import it, hence crash

Edit: not directly related, but what version of Node are you using? If it’s 18.11 or higher (this is the current long-term support version, so you should be at least on that), then it has watch functionality built-in, you don’t need Nodemon. Just run the app like

node app.js --watch
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Yes DanCouper thankyou , i removed the const dbo line and saved it and debbuged again but i still got uncaught reference error(i attached the screenshot ), can i know how to overcome it

Have you stopped then restarted the server? It’s saying the err is here, so if you’ve deleted this line:

Need to save and restart.

If you remove this:

const dbo = require('./db');

You no longer have an identifier dbo and all the code that relies on it and what it contained will not work.

const ObjectID = dbo.ObjectID;
let database = await dbo.getDatabase();

It is like removing a word from a sentence, the sentence no longer works.

My is very bright.

What is very bright? Even the word bright has lost its context.

You can’t just remove a necessary piece of the code and expect the rest of the code to still work.

If you are following a tutorial please link to it. If there is a link to a GitHub repo with some starting code link to that as well. You are missing some code it would seem.

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