Noob Alert: SuperExcited

Hi guys,
I’m Joseph from Nigeria, I’ve had some experience as an MS Server Admin and while that was a little fun, I’ve always been drawn to what happens under the hood of applications and my creative mind just keeps getting dulled by everyday work on managing server installations and servers which increasingly use less and less of MS Server packages. Web and mobile development really had me from the get-go so I figured instead of procrastinating and wasting my imagination (I’ve got some really crazy ideas) and watching from the sidelines, why don’t I just leap in, learn and see what happens. I’m really enthusiastic as finally I’m not just coding but understanding what I’m coding. Just the other day, I was looking at some funny c# code and to some extent I wasn’t totally lost and this is just from a couple of days learning FrontEnd stuff from FreeCodecamp?!! Can’t wait to see how it all goes cos I’m having a blast.
Thanks, FreeCodecamp!!!


Awesome! Welcome to the forums - excited noobs are always welcome :slight_smile: