Noobcoder in search of advice

Greetings, community!

I am a complete newcomer to the exciting world of Tech, coding, and programming languages.

As I navigate the site and learn about others paths, I would be grateful to anyone who could offer some support.

I’ve begun to format an outline, one that will bring me to the requisite level of knowledge so that I can attend rithm’s bootcamp (perhaps code smith or hackreactor).

I’ve begun at the very beginning, using the Odin project website in order to learn the basics of web development.

If anyone has time to discuss career advice, what topics to tackle and in what order, or would just like to mentor a newbie, I would be forever in your debt.

My email is: mod edit: removed

Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with many of you!

Your personal information has been removed from this post. Sharing personal information like your phone number, email, legal name and exact location online is unsafe.

It can be scraped by malicious actors to use against you, so please think carefully about what information you share.

Hey there! @Erinscott123

Welcome to the awesome world of tech! It’s a fantastic place to be with tons of cool possibilities.

To figure out what path you want to take, think about what you’re really interested in. You mentioned starting with web development, which is great! But before we jump in too deep, is that what truly excites you, or are you curious about other areas like SRE or DevOps?

There are so many paths you can take! I can’t pick your dream job for you, but I’m happy to help you brainstorm some ideas. Check out some online profiles for different tech careers and see what sparks your interest. Let me know if you have any questions along the way! :grinning: