Norman, Oklahoma Self-Introductions

Get to know others around the community and let others know more about you in this thread here. Let us know who you are, what you’re interested in learning, and anything else you may want us to know!

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Hey everyone, my name is Chris. I am currently a co-organizer of the group but due to my current job I am unable to make it to Norman as often as before. I graduated in December 2018 and am now working as a software engineer at Oracle Netsuite in OKC. The freeCodeCamp curriculum has helped me tons and now I would like to help give back to the community in any way I can.

Right now I’m focusing on improving my skills in React and SCSS.

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Hello all! My name is Victor. I am ~18 years into an Information Technology career that began on a helpdesk and now has me overseeing the IT concerns for my department. I love languages of all kinds which I think is part of the allure of computer code in all its own unique forms. I am also interested in 3D printing, scanning, and modeling; robotics; open-source hardware and software; music and other arts; family and relationships; learning; and all the varying forms of life on this weird little rock.

I look forward to knowing more about you and learning from your experiences, while sharing and teaching from my own experiences.

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Hi everyone! My name is Joe. I am a software developer and co-organizer for freeCodeCamp Norman. Send me a message and say hello!