Not a forum leaderboard but a latest certifications achieved list?

I feel it would be extremely motivating to see a list of users who are achieving certifications on freecodecamp rather than a list of users who are receiving likes on the forum.

(Can you imagine it? I feel it would be a great source of celebration)

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Yes, and also maybe not

The number of hours estimate for completion was removed for a reason.

Gamification is a difficult balance - can it be motivating to see people reaching their goals? yes for sure, it can also be disheartening - if they did it, why can’t I? Am I taking too much time? Should I give up, I am already at double the number of days of that person there…

Best place for feature requests is the issue tracker on github tho

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I didn’t recall the number of days feature. (Did it just say how long the course takes?)

I’m currently taking the CS50X course and on the facebook page people will occasionally post their certificates to much celebration. I didn’t spend too much time on facebook, more on reddit, and they don’t do it there, so that’s where I noticed that. No celebrations on reddit…

I’ve been thinking about this… It may be a good prediction of what can happen but I don’t know why. If learners are motivated by FCC certifications, then there is nothing to stop them from doing whatever they need to to get them (as you pointed out). If they are motivated by encouragement, then it seems the only place they can get that is on the forum? (unless I’m being myopic somehow?)

Then there is a question of why does FCC exist? Is it to help and motivate people to learn or is it to help and motivate people to contribute? Or both? If both, then should both be acknowledged?

Finally, and perhaps this is my imagination, but people show appreciation in the forum in many ways. Hearts/thumbsup/messages etc. They are not all counted. So does that mean they are not all valuable?

I personally prefer to see learners celebrated more. (that is why I am here anyway)

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