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Hello guys I just want some clarification
Why does the console results say str.shift is undefined. What is the logic behind it and what do I need to change

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
let conso = /^(aeiou)/;
if(conso.test(str) === false){str.shift()
return str;

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Challenge: Pig Latin

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Is shift defined on a string?

I’d just use a word here rather than some abbreviation of sorts.

What do you mean defined on a string

Shift is a built in function for arrays, not strings

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Ohhhhh yes thank you. It’s annoying how such small details can escape me and I remain stuck. Thank you

yeah it happens sometimes, make sure to always re-read everything, there couldbe something you missed

Strings are immutable, shift mutates the data it is called on. The two are incompatible. All string methods that make a change to the string return a new string.

let word = "hello"
console.log(word[0]) // 'h'

word[0] = 'a'
console.log(word) // 'hello'
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