Not a happy Camper today

So I have spent quite a bit of time on “Free Code Camp” and was quite pleased with my progress. I had decided to re-install my OS and generally clean up my computer and its many resources. Everything was going as planned until I came back to “Free Code Camp” to continue where I had left off. Unfortunately, I had to start from the beginning of all the lessons, (Had to start the Map all over again). I am guessing here, but apparently the site maintains your progress through cookies and not though any sort of persistent connection to a Database to record your progress.

Hence my post title, “Not a Happy Camper at FreeCodeCamp

Go to your fCC profile page and there in the Link column you’ll have links to your solutions.

@Gazzooks it looks like all your progress is here:

If you have any trouble accessing your account, email me at team at freecodecamp com and I’ll help you.

Happy coding!

Thank you for your reply; I’ve had a look on my profile page and do not seem to be able to locate this reference that you’ve made: Please have a look at the enclosed picture to what I currently see:

My Control Panel

oh, I see all at the bottom of that page. thank you for pointing me in the right direction. When I logged in and saw the beginning again, i was dismayed.

In looking at my progress, I had completed the challenge: “Build a Tribute Page” and moved on to the next challenge of the profile page I think it was called.

It is showing me of having not completed the “Build a Tribute Page” challenge. When I submitted my Tribute page, does anyone look at it or is it just there for review by me later?

I think that they look at your projects later on when u get to work with nonprofits.

ahh, ok. I thought maybe someone (I wouldn’t know who) would evaluate your project and respond with some sort of valid criticism. But this is good to know. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

You can post your projects here on forums for review, there is project feedback category made just for that :slight_smile: .

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I see, I don’t know if my code is that good for public scrutiny though, lol. But it is always good to know for when I am ready or feel comfortable enough to post it for the masses, that it is there.