Not able to address the issue in Exercise Tracker

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I am unable to understand following requirements.

You can make a GET request to /api/users/:_id/logs to retrieve a full exercise log of any user. The returned response will be the user object with a log array of all the exercises added. Each log item has the description , duration , and date properties.

A request to a user’s log ( /api/users/:_id/logs ) returns an object with a count property representing the number of exercises returned.

My Response
“_id”: “61079aacd12ee601c66f2780”,
“username”: “princekumar”,
“count”: 2,
“log”: [
“description”: “MyDesc5”,
“duration”: 20,
“date”: “Thu Dec 10 2020”
“description”: “MyDesc6”,
“duration”: 25,
“date”: “Thu Dec 10 2020”

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